The health of a society can be gauged by its support of the arts .
How you can help

Arts and culture-related industries, “creative industries,” provide direct economic benefits to states and communities as they create jobs, attract investments, generate tax revenues, and stimulate local economies through tourism and consumer purchases.

Even more important, the arts provide an opportunity to observe, express, and celebrate the individual passion, commitment, and uniqueness of ourselves while strengthening the social bonds that bring us together.
A vibrant arts environment is not only dependent on artists and patrons, but also on individuals who generously share and donate their skill, special abilities, and time, in support of the arts.

Add something interesting, profound, and joyful to your life. Become an Arts Volunteer.

We always needs ushers for concerts and functions, Members to serve of committees for fundraisers, housing for out of town musicians and guest artists, and Sound Safari. The Monroe Syphony League has an URGENT Need for volunteers to help sort and catalog books in the book room every Wednesday from 9AM - 1 PM

Would you like to know more about the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and other arts opportunities in Northeast Louisiana?

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info@monroesymphonyorchestra.com (318) 812-6761